Youth Leadership Academy

Youth_Leadership_01Youths of Today Are The LeadersĀ  of Tomorrow

The Youth Leadership Academy serves teenage boys and girls in the borough of Queens New York.

Youths ages 12-18 meet twice per month to discuss and develop strategic solutions for the unique challenges they face at home, school, and in their community at large.

These discussions on social, economic and educational matters are tailored to address concerns and questions of our youth, thus affording them the tools to help each other and their community.

ACCE presently provides 25 teens with empowerment tools to cope with daily life, create a context for taking control and generating life with passion, purpose and creativity. The program provides an opportunity for Youth to discover that they are at the control panel of their lives; and that they are responsible and accountable for decisions that they make.

Youth_Leadership_02The Youth Leadership Academy Meets:

The second and last Saturday of every month


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