Immigration and Family Transition Services

Classes of admission for African immigrants who gained lawful permanent residence in 2010 were…diverse, with 48 percent having done so through family relationships, 24 percent through the diversity visa program, 22 percent as refugees and asylees, 5 percent through employment, and the rest through other means.

Compared to the foreign born overall, African immigrants reported higher levels of English proficiency and educational attainment in 2009, and were more likely to be of working age and to participate in the labor force. Yet African immigrants were also more likely to be recent arrivals to the United States and to live in households with an annual income below the poverty line. Overall, striking differences are evident across African origin countries, with some refugee-origin countries appearing as outliers in certain measures of immigrant integration.
(SOURCE: (Migration Information Source – African Immigrants in the United States)

Whether you are seeking asylum, lawful permanent residence, or citizenship, we can successfully help you navigate your immigration to the United States. What makes our service worth checking out?   We have done it for ourselves, and we’re not living at or below the poverty line!

Our Family Transition Services include:

– Citizenship processing
– English language training
– Educational resourcing
– Cultural integration
– Judicial comprehension
– Referrals

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