About ACCE

Who We Are

ACCE is a highly acclaimed 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in February 2000 by a group of parents and concerned individuals as the result of the shooting deaths of two African American youth in Far Rockaway, Queens.  The organization seeks to provide cutting-edge solutions to the poverty related problems of inner-city youth, their families and communities. The organization also services the immigrant community.


To empower and develop inner-city youth and families to become wholesome functioning members of society; serve as a resource center for educational, economic, social, and cultural revival of low income communities; and internationally, to advocate for and address issues of concerns to Africans in the Diaspora and Continental Africa.


ACCE is an official certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards.

Recipient of the 2005 Union Square Awards, 2005 Times/Ledger Newspaper Community Service Impact Award

Citations of Honor from the Queens Borough President’s Office, New York City Council, New York State Senate, and has been featured on ABC-TV, CBS-TV, NY1, and in the NY Daily News, NY Newsday, Amsterdam News and other publications.

What We Do

Our Philosopy

ACCE’s philosophy is grounded in the African Proverb that “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.” This philosophy is deeply rooted in the wisdom of one of West Africa’s oldest tribes – the Dagara of Burkina Faso. The Dagaras believe that every child is born with a purpose, mission and destiny. And that, it is the responsibility of the community (village) beginning with the parents acting in concert with other members (stakeholders) of that community including extended families, adults, civil, cultural, social, religious and governmental institutions to identify, nurture and harness that child’s purpose, mission and destiny into fruition.

The Dagaras believe that life is a cycle with a “measured gap” that allows for the entry of new members into its ranks while allowing for the exit of old members who have made their rounds. And that, that measured gap must not be permitted to become a widening pit that would allow for the premature exit of new comers into this cycle. Thus, the Dagaras see life as having five phases: conception, birth, initiation, adulthood and death/rebirth.” Consequently, the Dagaras believe that the community bears a greater responsibility for the first three stages of a child’s life, namely conception, birth and initiation. And that that child as an individual, bears full responsibility for the last two phases of his/her life namely adulthood and death/rebirth.

ACCE as an integral stakeholder in the community has vested its programs in the fundamental tenets of the great Daraga Philosophy relative to the first three phases: conception, birth and initiation. During conception, ACCE, in partnerships with other providers work with young and expecting mothers- to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child at birth. After birth and during the pre-school years, measures are taken to provide the best diagnostic tests to identify and remedy any learning disability, to adequately prepare the child for schooling, and to train the young parents to become better and responsible parents. Initiation begins the process of the child’s formal education beginning with elementary through college or the work force. ACCE provides innovative programs that include turning individuals stuck in hustle on the streets into business owners and meaningful employees; thus, breaking the cycles of poverty in our community, and making every effort to ensure that the resources are there for every child to succeed and become productive member of society.